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Srt2Sup is a program that converts SRT subtitles to SUP format
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Srt2Sup is a program that converts subtitles in SRT format to SUP format. The most common format for subtitles is SRT. This format is compatible with the most popular video formats. But if you want to add or change subtitles into a DVD, you will need to use the SUP format. Srt2Sup not only allows you to import the subtitles from an SRT file, it lets you create your SUP subtitles from the scratch. This way, you will be able to burn DVDs with subtitles in another language, or build more accurate subtitles than those already present in the DVD. The program also has some search features to find a given text in the file. You can open and save SRT files as text or bitmaps. You can also open S2S files, and save them in any format. You can also import SUP files in order to edit them. Srt2Sup also allows you to modify the appearance of the subtitles, parameters such as background, outline, text and antialias colors, fonts, alignment and screen format (NTSC or PAL). Once you've finished with all the editing and changes, you can save the subtitles in SUP format.

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